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Watchmaking Heritage Days (JPH)    

Watchmaking Heritage Days draw their inspiration from European Heritage Days. This event seeks to raise awareness and familiarize the public with the exceptional material and human watchmaking heritage of the cities of La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle, granted the 27th of June 2009 by the Heritage Committee and verified as exceptional value for humanity in the context of industrial and scenic development.

NEXT EDITION : Saturday 3th November 2018

JPH16 - 7th Day watchmaking heritage, Saturday 5th November 2016

Link : clip presentation

  Document PDF Program JPH 2016  2.47Mo  

Programme JPH 2014
  Document PDF Internet Programme  3.24Mo  

JPH12 - 5th Watchmaking Heritage Day, Saturday 10 November 2012
(biennial since 2010)
  Document PDF Programme JPH12  4.33Mo  

JPH10 - 4th
Watchmaking Heritage Day, Saturday 6 November 2010
  Document PDF Programme JPH10  4.57Mo  

JPH09 - 
3rd Watchmaking Heritage Day, Saturday 7 November 2009
  Document PDF Programme JPH09  1.3Mo  

JPH08 - 2nd Watchmaking Heritage Day, Saturday 8 November 2008

  Document PDF Programme JPH08  895.62Ko  

JPH07 - 1st Watchmaking Heritage Day - Saturday 3 November 2007
  Document PDF Programme - JPH07  1.03Mo  


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